Building Something For The Builders

As you can probably imagine, building a website is very different to building a house, but they both require planning, a lot of man hours, and skilled labour. A house needs to habitable, and a website needs to be easy to use.

Finer Design was contacted by leading global engineering, consulting and construction company Square Helix. They specialize in energy, water, telecommunications and management consulting. Square Helix have been in business for over 35 years, and due to their reputation and vast experience of their field, they have acquired contracts with clients from all over the globe.

Alexander Gill (Square Helix’s CEO) wanted me to come up with a design for their website that is not only impressive to look at, but easy to use as well. He wanted to wow any potential clients visiting his website and of course have a feature that would allow clients to get in touch with them to discuss potential projects. He requested I design the site in a way that wasn’t too corporate, and didn’t distract the user with information they probably won’t read.

After looking at their existing branding, and working some internet magic, I was able to create a ‘Parallax’ style website with a bold video element rarely seen on websites. I was able to keep the website on a single page, but still have all of the necessary content on there so users would know what it’s all about.

I was very pleased to hear that Alexander and the team at Square Helix all love their new website. Before contacting Finer Design, they were using an outdated static HTML website that “looked like something from 2001”. They felt that his was putting off the larger clients from contacting them, as all of their competitors had modern, high-budget websites. I’m glad that the quality of their website now reflects the quality of their work.

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