Website designed for The Duke restaurant

A letter from The Duke

I was recently contacted by award winning Chef Jason Anderson to design a website for his newly established London based restaurant The Duke.

He asked us to design him a minimalist website so that he didn’t overwhelm his customers with useless information. He also wanted to have an up-to-date menu on the site and the facility to be able to easily edit his menu should he need to make any changes. Lucky for him, at Finer Design, we build all of our website’s within a Content Management System, allowing users to log in to their website via a hidden admin area and edit any part of their website without the need to know any coding.


As you can see in the image above, editing of the website is all done visually, meaning even the most computer illiterate person won’t have any difficulty editing their website after it has been launched.

After sending me a few examples of website’s he liked the look of, we both managed to agree on the website’s design and the branding in less than a week thanks to Jason’s fantastic input.

Check out The Duke by clicking here and let me know what you think!

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